It's Good to be Bad Slots

A slots game with a name, “It’s Good To Be Bad Slots” will have everyone curious about what it is all about. This is a different type of slots game, and it is ideal for those looking for something that awards them for being bad. A similar slots game is Naughty or Nice Slots in which there are two types of game play based on either the Naughty or Nice character. Players can enjoy It's Good To Be Bad Slots by Realtime Gaming when they download the software or use instant play.

It's Good To Be Bad Slots

Players will enjoy the difference in this slots game, and can see that it is a 3 reel game with a single payline. This is a classic RTG slots. On the left side (the good side) is the paytable with the winning amounts, on the right side (the bad side) is a devil in red with the Free Spins Meter and below the devil and next to the reels is the Bad Meter. The buttons for gameplay are very simple with “Bet One” “Spin Reel” and “Play 3 Credits.”

The game accepts only two coin denominations with $0.25 the minimum and $1 the maximum. Players can wager up to 3 coins on the single payline. Symbols include 7s, single, double and triple bars, and single double and triple cherries, with other symbols. There are no wilds, scatters or bonus symbols in this game.


Players of It's Good To Be Bad Slots will see that the maximum payouts are when three credits are wagered on the reels. The smaller payouts are mainly the cherry symbols and range from 3 coins to 9 coins. Medium pays start at 24 coins and go up to 60 coins. The higher pays start at 150 coins for three matching triple bar symbols. However, the highest jackpot at base gameplay is 600 coins for three of a kind for the 7 symbols. It's Good To Be Bad Slots does have a progressive jackpot.

It's Good To Be Bad Features

  • This RTG classic slots does not contain any wild or scatter symbols which will typically trigger a bonus game. However, it has two meters, a Free Spins meter, and a Bad Meter. Players will have to wager the maximum to trigger either of these features. The Free Spins Meter will track your losing spins. Yes, your losing spins is what will get players towards the bonus features. The free spins can be redeemed at any time as long as the meter shows there are free spins.
  • The Bad Meter is also triggered by losing spins. Players will be able to track their losses and once they have received 29 losing spins one after the other, they will trigger the progressive jackpot amount. This is why it pays to be bad at this slots game. However, any winning spins in It's Good To Be Bad Slots will work against winning the free spins and jackpot as the meter will reset itself back to zero for winning spins. Being good at this game only gives the chance to win the fixed jackpot.

Don’t Miss It's Good To Be Bad Slots

This is your chance not to miss this slots game. Anyone can try It's Good To Be Bad Slots at selected Realtime Gaming casinos. You might just be bad enough to win the progressive jackpot.