Sevens and Stripes Slots

It might seem that all that is heard about in the online slots industry are video slots. However, there are many classic slots, which are still popular with casino players. These classic slots have grown to become player favorites and have developed quite a fan club. One of these slots is Sevens and Stripes Slot by Real Time Gaming. This is not just a favorite classic slot game, but also one with the colors of red, white and blue. Players can enjoy this game using a personal computer, instant play, and by the help of a mobile device.

Similar Slot: Triple Wild Cherry

There are some classic slot games which are similar to Sevens and Stripes and worthy of mention. This include games such as Triple 10x Wild Slots and Triple Wild Cherry Slots. Triple Wild Cherry slots is also known as 3X Wild Cherry. Triple Wild Cherry is the ultimate slots games for those looking for a classic slots with a single payline. This is the type of game which is easy and straightforward to play, and it is suitable for all budgets. Triple Wild Cherry accepts wagers from 0.01 up to 10 per line, and with 3 coins per line, the max wager is therefore, 30 per spin. Players can wager from 1, 2 or 3 coins, and the amount of coins wagered will either double or tripled the amount of winnings received. Triple Wild Cherry Slot game has the following symbols such as Sevens, Bars, game logo, and 3X. Players will see the wild is the 3X symbol. Players can look forward to a 1500 coin jackpot when they play Triple Wild Cherry.

Sevens and Stripes Game Facts

Sevens and Stripes has straightforward gameplay. Below the reels are the buttons for gameplay, and they can be adjusted according to preferences. The buttons include "Bet One" "Spin" and "Bet Max". There is also the "Paytable" to view coin pays and bonus features. This online slots game is designed in red, blue and white in the American theme with 3 reels and a single payline. The symbols include number sevens in red, blue and white colors. There are Bars (single, double and triple) in red and blue colors.


As a popular game at online casino, players will be able to enjoy the payouts when they receive symbol combinations on the reels. The amount rewarded will depend on if a single, double or triple coin wager is made. The lower pays in Sevens and Stripes Slots is won with any three BARs at 4 credits for a single coin wager and go up to 12 credits for a 3 coin wager. Any three 7s in any color will reward a 30 credit wager for three coin wager. Medium pays range from 120 credits to 600 credits for triple BARs, blue or white 7s. There is a fixed jackpot in base game play of 5000 credits which are won with three red 7s after a 3 coin wager. Sevens and Stripes Slots does have a progressive jackpot. The current progressive jackpot amount is located at the top of the reels, and one each of a blue, red and white 7 appearing on the reels will trigger the progressive jackpot win with a 3 coin wager. The progressive jackpot is twice the amount of the fixed jackpot with a win equal to 10,000 coins.

You Can Play Sevens and Stripes Now

This is your chance to enjoy all that Sevens and Stripes Slots has to offer. Do not miss the opportunity to spin the reels for yourself, as you may trigger the progressive jackpot when you play Sevens and Stripes slot game at a participating RTG casino.