Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Are you dreaming of buying a motorcycle or a sports car? You might be going through a transition known as a mid-life crisis, and Real Time Gaming has created a slots game for those people who have experienced or about to experience a mid-life crisis. A mid-life crisis is thought to be a time when a man over 40 or a woman over 30 goes through an identity crisis or have lower self-esteem because they are getting older. To compensate for this, the person might go through sudden changes like trading in their family car for a sports car or going mountain-climbing. The main character in the slots game by Realtime Gaming appears to be a balding middle-aged man with all of the latest gadgets and toys. Stereotypes aside, Mid-life Crisis Slots can be played using download and instant play technology.

Game Play For Mid-Life Crisis

Behind the reels is the scene of the long open road for the main character to drive upon or to take them to old age. There is even a caution sign at the top of the reels that says, “Caution - Old Age Ahead!” Below the reels is the dashboard used to customize and control gameplay. Starting from the left there are buttons to “Cash Out” your winnings. There is also a button to see the “Paytable” and view the bonus information and pays. Players can use the left and right arrows to adjust the coin values to a lower or higher amount. Next, the slots player is able to change the “Select Lines” and may also “Bet One” on the lines. Of course, there is also “Spin” and “Bet Max” to move the reels.

In the lower right of the reels, players can choose three coin values of 25 cents, 1$. $5, $25, and $100 as wagers in this RTG online slots. There are five reels and 9 lines to wager on. Up to 5 credits are accepted on the paylines. This online slots is arranged in a 5x3 grid. The symbols on the reels show what a mid-life crisis looks like. There is the main character called mid-life man with a bald spot. Other symbols include little blue pills, hot tubs, parachuting, rolls of money with a money clip, a big gold chain, a toupee, motorcycle, yacht, red sports car, and three young women - a blonde, brunette, and a red-head called Rachel, Amanda and Cindy. The red sports car is the wild symbol. The mid-life man, toupee, and big gold chain are all scatters in Mid-Life Crisis Slots. The three ladies are the bonus symbol.

Payouts for Mid-Life Crisis Slots

This slots game will payout from left to right on the reels for matching symbols. Players will receive payouts for one symbol up to five of a kind. The pays for the motorcycle symbol start at 240 coins and goes to 1500 coins for five matching ones. This is closely followed by the money roll which starts at 320 coins and goes to 2000 coins. The yacht will pay 480 coins for one symbol up to 3200 coins for five of a kind. However, the top paying symbol is the red sports car. Players will need to wager the max amount for a chance at winning the progressive jackpot which is triggered by 5 red sports car symbols. There is a $100,000 win in the Sports Car Super Jackpot, and everyone has a chance at winning this progressive jackpot.

Special Bonus Features

Players can see that there is Scatter Bonus Feature which involves the three scatter symbols. Players will need to have the mid-life crisis man, the toupee and big gold chance on the reels at the same time in an active payline to start the scatter feature. During this features, free spins are awarded. during the Mid-Life Man Scatter Bonus. It is also possible to receive a 350x when the max wager is played with these symbols.

Another special bonus feature is activated by the ladies, Amanda, Rachel, and Cindy. When they are all present on the reels at the same time, players can try the adventure bonus game in an effort to reclaim your youth. Players can select from different adventures for players to try. If the players are able to successfully pass the adventure, he will win an amount. It is also possible to choose the Youth Potion instead which gives a chance at all of the adventures at the same time to reach the fountain of youth. It is possible to win as much as 4000x the wager with the bonus game in Mid-Life Crisis Slots.

Enjoy Mid-Life Crisis

For some people going through a mid-life crisis can be stressful, you can avoid this by just enjoy Mid-Life Crisis Slots at a participating casino.